Our Strategy

The last three years have been transformational at Lycée Louis Pasteur. We have embraced new leadership with enthusiasm for the continuous improvement of our school. It is from this position that, in 2018, we began a comprehensive and collaborative strategic planning process.

A dedicated group of faculty, administration, senior leaders, and members of the board formed a strategic planning committee. The committee focused on research, SWOT analysis, focus group data, committee exercises, and industry trends. We had to challenge our assumptions and push ourselves to think differently. After a year of steadfast work, the Board of Directors unanimously approved the Strategic Plan in November 2019, and we are proud to share our vision with you.

Our strategic plan is a passport to the world for our students. It paves the road for the Lycée’s future as the leading institution in bilingual and international education in Calgary. It supports the mission and the vision of the Lycée and guides us in realizing our potential



Deliver a premier multilingual and multicultural educational experience that prepares students for the future.

We will:
• Advance the international character of the Lycée.
• Promote best practices in bilingual education.

Develop well-rounded and curious individuals through the promotion of personal growth.

We will:
• Expand the use of technology as an educational tool.
• Further cultivate our co-curricular programs.


Communicate our shared identity and advance effective marketing and enrollment management strategies to ensure the Lycée is recognized as a leader in international French education locally and in North America.

We will:
• Improve our communication strategies with our current and prospective families.
• Strengthen our enrollment management system.

Offer both an unparalleled international experience and an increased local engagement to our students so they become active, ethical, and empathic global leaders.

We will:
• Deepen our relationships with the Calgary community.
• Grow both the inbound and outbound foreign exchange program.


Provide safe and environmentally friendly physical infrastructures that support the educational and program needs of the school.

We will:
• Enhance the facilities for an enjoyable campus experience.
• Build an eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable community.

Secure the continued financial stability and affordability of the school through increased philanthropy and the implementation of an innovative business model.

We will:
• Update our financial and risk management plans.
• Develop our culture of philanthropy.

Our Story

We have set ambitious goals and a framework for how to achieve them. These building blocks serve to strengthen our academics, community engagement, and to ensure our facilities are supportive of student success. The plan provides inspiration, prioritization, and resource allocation for the coming years.

We shaped our strategy with broad participation from our multicultural, committed, and insightful community members. Thank you to our diligent strategic planning committee, parents, staff, students, and board members who contributed. It was a pleasure to work with you to shape the vision for our school.

With the support of our community, our school can take bold steps forward. We are looking forward to this exciting journey.