As your child progresses into our Elementary Program (Grades 1 – 5), we place a greater emphasis on the development of self-discipline, autonomy and academic success.

Students learn to take initiative, develop healthy work habits and organize their time. Skills that are critical for future educational and professional success.

Our Elementary Program’s academic structure emphasizes academic development in the following areas:

• Bilingualism
• Mental math and problem solving
• History and Geography
• French & English Language Arts
• Cursive handwriting (beginning in Grade 1)

Lycée international de Calgary’s elementary program provides students with various opportunities for academic growth and social interaction, such as:

• International joint projects with other schools within the global AEFE network
• Collaborative, bilingual and interdisciplinary projects with other students and grade levels
• Field trips
• Guest speakers


Despite the rapid growth of typing and the common use of print, cursive writing is not a matter of nostalgia, but one of personal development. Throughout elementary years at Lycée Calgary, students learn and perfect their cursive writing.

• Cursive writing helps with developing fine motor skills by activating different parts of the brain while improving synchronicity between the right and left hemispheres
• Connecting letters reduces letter reversal and inversion in young children when learning to write
• Cursive writing encourages students to think of words as wholes, not small parts and can quickly improve reading ability


In Grades 1 – 3, students focus on the fundamentals of French, English, Mathematics and Science.

Beyond these core subjects, elementary students also learn:

• The concepts of justice, equality and liberty for all, in Civic Education
• Various historical narratives of the past, in Social Studies and History Education
• The importance of living a balanced and healthy lifestyle while developing gross motor skills, in Physical Education
• Creative expression, in Art & Music class


In Grades 4 and 5, students prepare for Junior High.

Individual projects are introduced to teach autonomy and organization, while interdisciplinary, bilingual and cross-curricular group projects are introduced to students to encourage collaboration, teamwork and shared responsibilities.


Interested in enrolling your child in our Elementary Program but your child has no prior exposure to French? It’s not too late!

FLIP for French is a unique program intended for new students enrolling in Grades 1 & 2 who have little or no prior exposure to the French language.

FLIP for French is a unique education program in Calgary that provides accelerated French immersion through individualized learning plans and significant one-on-one time with a dedicated teacher. In this program we introduce students to French and help them acquire the language using games, speaking and writing exercises.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What classes are taught in French in the Elementary Program?

French Language Arts, Math, Science, History & Geography, Physical Education, and Music are taught in French following the French and Alberta curricula.

How many hours of English education do students receive in the Elementary Program?

In Grade 1, students receive an average of 6 hours of formal English instruction per week. In Grades 2 to 4 this increases to an average of 8 hours per week.

Art, Social Studies and English Language Arts are taught in English following the Alberta Education curriculum. Depending on the student’s grade level, Phys-Ed may be taught in French, English, or bilingually.

How many hours a week do students have for Physical Education, Music and Art?

Approximately 6 hours per week are dedicated to Physical Education, Music and Art in the Elementary Program.

Can my child enrol in the Elementary Program if we have not attended the Lycée’s Preschool Program?

Yes. Applicants for Grades 1 to 5 will undergo assessments in both French and English. These assessments will evaluate the applicant’s reading comprehension, writing skills, and mathematical abilities. Applicants may then be invited to participate in a trial day to determine if the Lycée is a good fit for them.

Does the Lycée have a uniform or specific dress code?

Yes, students are required to follow the school dress code outlined below:

• Plain navy or dark grey tailored pants, shorts, skort, tunic or skirt
• Plain white, red or navy top; polo, collared or pullover shirts ONLY (no stripes, designs or other embellishments)
• Plain navy or dark grey sweater – optional
• Navy, gray or white socks or tights
• Footwear – indoor shoes to be left at school; navy or black with non-marking soles and a heel not to exceed 2.5 cm.

Casual Days are published in the school calendar and announced in the weekly school newsletter.