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Dedicated to providing top-tier bilingual French and Canadian education, our mission is to cultivate diverse students into critical thinkers, innovators, and global leaders.

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A bilingual education is one of the most precious gifts you can give your child. The decisions you make during their childhood impact their confidence, and their future.
We give students the confidence and abilities to conquer any challenge no matter how big, or small.
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What Makes Lycée Students Unique

With our distinctive program, we inspire and empower every student to excel and embrace academic and personal challenges, to explore interests and nurture talents, to celebrate diversity and foster community, to uphold integrity, and to make a positive impact.

What Set Us Apart as a French Private School

At Lycée Calgary, we believe bilingual education is one of the most valuable gifts you can give your child. Research shows that the younger the child, the greater their ability to learn a second language and additional languages thereafter. By learning French in a playful and engaging environment, toddlers not only build their language skills but can also improve their cognitive abilities, and boost their confidence.

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Bilingualism enhances memory and critical thinking while broadening cultural perspectives and appreciation.

Caring Environnement

We offer a supportive environment where dedicated teachers ensure every child feels valued, safe, and inspired to reach their full potential.

Full-Day Program

Our full-day program for preschoolers aged 3+ blends structured learning and play, fostering holistic development and stimulating curiosity and creativity.

Multicultural Community

Diversity is central to our community, with families from 34 nationalities and diverse linguistic backgrounds, creating a rich cultural environment and a strong sense of belonging.

International Advantage

Lycée Calgary uniquely offers a dual curriculum from both the the French Ministry of Education and Alberta Education., providing students with the skills to thrive in a global society

Crafting Excellence

Certified Teachers for Every Subject. We take pride in employing certified teachers from France for all French subjects and English, the best of both worlds.

Child's Future

Your child's journey to bilingual excellence starts here, in our nurturing, multicultural learning environment that fosters academic, social, and cultural growth.

International Opportunities

Starting from grade 9, students can engage in studying abroad or impactful trips to destinations such as France or Colombia, offering valuable international experiences at Lycée Calgary.

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Tuition & Fees

Lycée international de Calgary is very competitively priced.
We are proud to present a well-rounded and balanced learning environment to all of our students.

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