Ready to Apply? It’s as Easy as ABC.

Application Process

Once an application is submitted, it is reviewed by the Admissions Team who will determine the next steps of the applicant.

To start an application for your child at Lycée international de Calgary, please click the button below:

• Latest report cards (if joining in Grade 1 onwards)

• A copy of the applicant’s passport - or birth certificate (for Canadians only)

• A picture of the applicant (can be a family picture)

• A daycare referral (if applicable)

• Individual Program Plans, psychoeducational assessments (if applicable)

• $250 application fee*

Upon receipt of the complete file, and subject to availability, the Admissions Team will review the application to determine the next steps.

Payment Options:

*Application fees may be paid by cheque to the order of Lycée Louis Pasteur Society, or online via Plastiq, or by e-transfer ([email protected]).

  • Preschool Program (3 & 4-year-olds) & Kindergarten Applicants

    Students will undergo a 15-minute informal evaluation - conducted in the applicant’s preferred language (French or English).

    If joining mid-year, they may be invited to take part in a trial day.

  • FLIP Program (French Language Immersive Program) Applicants

    Grade 1 & 2 students with no prior French exposure will undergo assessments in English and math.

    If joining mid-year, they will also be invited to participate in a trial day to determine if the FLIP program would be a good fit.

  • Elementary, Junior High, & High School Applicants

    Grades 3 to 12 students with prior French instruction will undergo assessments in French, English, and math.

    These assessments will evaluate the student’s reading comprehension, writing skills and mathematical abilities.

  • AEFE School Network Applicants

    Students arriving from a public or private institution accredited by the French Ministry of Education may be admitted into the grade listed on the final report card provided by the institution, space permitting.

    They may also be required to complete assessments (French, English and, math) on a case by case basis.


While applications are accepted throughout the school year, parents are encouraged to submit their application as soon as possible since space is limited and spots tend to fill early in the school year.

We look forward to receiving your application!