Our full-day French Kindergarten Program allows your child to continue to develop learning fundamentals and prepares them for elementary school.


Our French Kindergarten Program is designed to prepare students for elementary school. Through song, games, painting, sculpture, and classroom work, students develop and hone learning fundamentals. Children in our Kindergarten Program will refine essential skill foundations such as the ability to listen, memorize and express themselves in a class setting.

Our Kindergarten Program allows your child to:

• Learn French
• Learn English
• Interact with others in a safe social setting
• Acquire the basics of reading, writing, and numeracy

Each Kindergarten class is taught by a certified teacher and assistant. All teachers are fully accredited by the French Ministry of Education and have specialized in early childhood development.

The Program is taught in French, however, students also receive five hours of education in English per week.

Educator working with student
Kindergarten students listening in class

About the Program

The Kindergarten Program runs from September to June, Monday to Friday from 8:45 am to 3:45 pm, with a half-day on Thursday from 8:45 to 11:45 am (complimentary childcare service is offered from 11:45 am to 3:45 pm on Thursdays).

The Before and After School Program, Hot Lunch Program and break week day camps are available to all students enrolled in the Kindergarten Program. More information about these programs is available under Student Life.

Progress Booklets

All students are assigned a “Progress Booklet” in which teachers will track skill development and highlight key-abilities such as “I can say my name in front of a group” or “I recognize and say the first letter of my name”.

The emphasis of this Progress Booklet is on validating and documenting development successes as well as tracking skill progression. Parents are able to review this booklet at any time to see active skill developments.

The Progress Booklet:

• Facilitates learning since children are aware of what is expected of them and are able to see their past milestones
• Allows teachers to personalize learning activities to best suit the needs of a child
• Positions parents to help their child develop key skills at home thanks to clear learning objectives

For detailed Kindergarten Program learnings, please view our Kindergarten Progress Booklet.

Kindergarten girls working in class

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a typical day look like for Lycée Kindergarten students?

Mornings usually include:

• Free play
• Learning activities
• Physical exercise to develop motor skills
• Supervised outdoor play
• Storytime
• Snack time
• Art or singing
• Lunch

In the afternoon, they participate in a learning activity and supervised outdoor play followed by storytime or singing to relax prior to pick up.

How old does my child have to be in order to enroll in the Kindergarten Program?

The Kindergarten Program is offered for children who will be 5 years of age by December 31 of the year of enrollment.

Where are Lycée teachers from?

Our teachers and staff come from all over the world and reflect our school’s commitment to providing students and their families with a fully multicultural experience.

All Kindergarten Program teachers are French speakers and have received their teaching credentials from the French Ministry of Education and Alberta Education.

How many hours of English education do students receive in the Kindergarten Program?

Students receive 5 hours of English education per week in the Kindergarten Program and are encouraged to use both French and English when communicating with their peers.

Do students enrolled in the Kindergarten Program have outdoor playtime?

Yes. Students enrolled in the Kindergarten Program have their own playground and go outside in the morning, after lunch and in the afternoon (weather permitting). Four adults supervise children during these important times of social play.

Does the school provide lunches and snacks?

All students must bring their own lunch unless they are enrolled in the Hot Lunch Program. Students enrolled in the Hot Lunch Program are required to bring a morning and afternoon snack.

In the Kindergarten Program, a teacher or an assistant supervises lunch and snack times.

Do students enrolled in the Kindergarten Program visit the school library?

Yes, students enrolled in the Kindergarten Program visit our library once a week where, after story-time, they can pick out age-appropriate books and DVDs in French to take home.

The library contains over 14,000 publications specifically chosen for child development.

Does the Lycée offer childcare during break weeks and during the summer?

To support the needs of parents, we offer day camps during every break week and week-long day camps throughout the summer. Camp activities vary depending on the age of your child.

Does the Lycée have a dress code for kindergarten students?

Yes, children are required to follow the school dress code outlined below:

• Plain navy pants, shorts, skort, or tunic
• Plain white, red or navy top
• Navy socks or tights.
• Items do not need to be purchased at any particular store.

Fridays are casual dress days for Kindergarten Program students.

How do I learn more about the Kindergarten Program?

We frequently offer open houses and are able to provide private tours of our facilities per request.

Additionally, you can learn more about our Kindergarten Program by contacting our Admissions Team directly here.