Lycée international de Calgary (formerly Lycée Louis Pasteur) is Calgary’s premier French school. As a non-denominational private school, we welcome students ages 3 years old to Grade 12. We are located in the quiet, residential neighbourhood of Altadore.

We are the only school in Calgary to teach the French Ministry of Education and Alberta Education curricula. Lycée Calgary is the only school in Calgary to offer programming of this nature.

The French curriculum is taught in French by French speakers, the majority of whom have received their teaching credentials from the French Ministry of Education. English is taught from preschool to Grade 12.

For more information regarding English hours of instruction, see the FAQ in our Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary, Junior High and High School pages. Spanish is added to the curriculum in Grade 6 and is taught until Grade 12.

In addition to offering a unique curriculum, Lycée international de Calgary is a member of the AEFE, a network of over 500 schools in 140 countries. In Canada, there are only seven Lycées. Lycée international de Calgary is the only school in Calgary to be a member of this prestigious network. To learn more about Lycées, visit our page The Lycée Advantage.


Louis Pasteur was a 19th-century French chemist and microbiologist.

Pasteur’s contributions to science, technology and medicine are without precedent, and life, as we know it would be very different, had he not existed.

Pasteur has been credited for:

• pioneering the study of molecular asymmetry;
• discovering that microorganisms cause fermentation and disease;
• developing antidotes and cures to many dangerous illnesses such as anthrax and rabies;
• successfully inventing a way to pasteurize milk.

Today, Louis Pasteur is known as one of the most important scientists in history. His discoveries led to an understanding of microbes and diseases that has helped to save millions of lives.

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