Lycée Louis Pasteur offers an expansive platform of student-life services to develop and encourage well-rounded students.

At Lycée Louis Pasteur, we believe that learning and growth extends far beyond the classroom!

Before and After School Programs

Our Before and After School Program not only supports busy parents, it also positions students to succeed in much more than just their academic endeavours!

The Before and After School Program includes:
• Daycare (before and after school)
• Extra-curricular activities & clubs
• Study hall
• Qualified staff supervise all aspects of the program

Parents can enroll their child every weekday or select the weekday(s) they want to enroll their child. For example, you can register for Tuesdays only. Before and After School Program registration occurs prior to the start of each trimester.

View the Before and After School Program fees here.


Daycare is available to students from 3 years old to Grade 9.

Daycare is available in the mornings starting from 7:30 am and in the evenings until 6 pm (school days only).

Families can register for the entire school year or per trimester.

View the Daycare fees here.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Numerous extra-curricular activities are available to students in the areas of sports, art, music, leadership and more.

Registration for extra-curricular activities occurs every trimester.

View the Extra-Curricular Activities fees here.

Study Hall

Extra academic support is available to students from Grades 1 to 9 Monday through Thursday 3:45 to 4:45 pm.

During Study Hall, students tend to their homework with the assistance of a qualified staff member.

Families can register for the entire school year or per trimester.

View the Study Hall fees here.

We offer a hot and nutritious lunch service! Make your morning rush easier!


Lycée Louis Pasteur offers a nutritious hot lunch program for parents on the go!

Available to ALL students, these tasty meals are prepared by a professional chef who emphasizes fresh, locally sourced, healthy foods.

Meals are served daily and include:

• Hot entrées (gluten and vegetarian can be provided on request)
• Two sides (one starch, one vegetable)
• A fresh starter course (options include – crudité, salads, cheese plates, dairy-based snacks, pickles)
• Fresh fruit
• On occasion, healthy dairy-based desserts, yogurt drinks and juice are available

The Hot Lunch Program supports the Lycée’s objective to provide a healthy and stimulating environment in which to learn. You won’t find vending machines filled with junk food at the Lycée. Pop, sweets and fast food are not available for purchase.

Registration can be made for the entire year or prior to the start of each trimester. More information about the cost of the Hot Lunch Program is available here.

Our break week camps and summer childcare support working parents while providing a fun and stimulating environment for your child!

Break Week Camps

Break camps offer a simple, flexible and convenient solution to childcare. Your child will love these camps! They will enjoy age-appropriate activities such as field trips, wall climbing, arts and crafts, and plenty of physical activity.

The school year is divided into three trimesters. During each trimester, students receive one or two weeks of break.

In total, students receive six break weeks during the school year and 8 weeks during the summer.

To support the needs of working parents, we offer camps during every break week and a camp during the summer. Camp activities vary depending on the age of your child. Camp age groups include 3 and 4-year-olds, 5 and 6-year-olds, and 7 to 12-year-olds.

2020-2021 Camp break weeks are:

October 26 to October 20, 2020
February 22 to February 26, 2021
April 19 to April 30, 2021

Classes and activities at Lycée Louis Pasteur emphasize academic excellence, physical, intellectual and emotional balance and responsible citizenship.

Competitive Sports Teams

Is your child a budding athlete? We think they would look great in a Phoenix uniform. Phoenix Teams are Lycée Louis Pasteur’s competitive sports teams for students in Grades 7 to 9.

These teams compete against local private schools throughout the school year. Competitive sports teams include golf, badminton, basketball, cross-country, track and field and soccer.

Junior high student playing sports


Lycée Louis Pasteur is proud to be one of the only schools in Calgary with an indoor climbing wall available for students. Rock climbing tests both physical and mental abilities, making it a great activity for students as they can learn new problem-solving skills.

The Lyceée has an ACMG (Association of Canadian Mountain Guides) certified climbing gym instructor, who guides students through various climbing routes, games and activities designed to develop confidence, both on and off the wall.

Students from 3 years old to Grade 3 are instructed on the use of our state-of-the-art TRUBLUE – a fully automatic belay system allowing the participant the freedom of climbing up the wall safely without the need for a ground belayer. Students also learn basic climbing/movement techniques, helping them progress as climbers.

Students in Grade 4 and above learn “Top Rope Climbing” – a style of roped climbing where the climber is attached to a rope that leads to the top of the wall, allowing them to climb up while attached to a ground belayer below. Students learn more advanced climbing techniques – allowing them to climb more efficiently and progress up to more difficult walls/climbing routes.

All climbing equipment used at the Lycée is carefully and thoroughly inspected on a regular basis by our ACMG (Association of Canadian Mountain Guides) certified climbing instructor.

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Technology at Lycée

With technology ever increasing, the Lycée is preparing students for the responsibilities of digital citizenship. The school works closely with faculty and parents to ensure students are ready for tomorrow’s digital world.

The Lycée currently has iPads and Macbooks dedicated for student use. Each grade level is distributed a number of iPads, based on need and number of students, and are used for individual and/or group work.

Student playing with VR
Private school student writing on white board

All classrooms are equipped with a projector & screen, Smart TV or Prometheus board.

Students in Grades 6-12 are lent a Macbook for the school year. Students in Grade 5 and below each have access to an iPad (1:1) that can be used during class time (at the teacher’s discretion), or for homework or Distance Learning (as needed).

Online safety is an important component of technology use; especially in today’s world of social media. Students take part in regular internet safety workshops that teach best practices while online, techniques to protect personal information and the importance of their digital footprint.


Parent-Teacher Communication

Seesaw is a classroom software used by the 3-year-old to Grade 5 classes to keep track of classroom work activities. Parents are given login information each year and teachers post messages (reminders, homework, photos of classwork) on the platform on a regular basis. Parents are able to see homework, school projects, and communicate directly and privately with the teacher as needed.

Student, Teacher & Parent Communication

Pronote is a French school administration software used in Grade 6 and above. The software allows administrators to create student and teachers timetables, view room availability, assign homework, track attendance, etc. It also contains parents’ contact information and is used to send out report cards. Teachers, administration, students and parents are provided with usernames and passwords at the beginning of the school year.

students working with technology


The library is one of Lycée’s proudest assets. Containing over 14,000 diverse publications(and growing yearly), our students have access to authors from across the globe, and every topic they can want to learn about.

The Lycée is proud to offer students a widely resourceful and comfortably accommodating space to read and learn. With nooks for private, quiet reading, as well as group sectionals – our students are able to expand their minds.

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Your child will belong to an exclusive global network of schools that provides a unique opportunity to study overseas for up to a year!

Study Abroad

When your child joins the Lycée Community, you join a prestigious network of over 500 schools in 137 countries that teach the French Ministry of Education curriculum.

Lycée students can enjoy a trimester or up to a year abroad in schools around the globe.

Studying abroad positively and unequivocally influences the career path, world-view, and self-confidence of students. It is often a defining moment in a young person’s life and continues to impact their life for years after the experience.

Grade 9 to 12 students are encouraged to take advantage of this amazing opportunity and study at one of the 500 schools available globally.

hand holding a globe
Private School Geography teacher with students


Every year, we welcome students from other Lycées around the world. International students are part of what makes Lycée Louis Pasteur a truly diverse and multicultural school.

There are two ways that international students can study at Lycée Louis Pasteur. As an exchange student via our reciprocal Student Exchange Program.

Alternatively, they can also enroll as an international student through our International Program. Thanks to our partnership with Canada Homestay Network, a non-profit organization that specializes in matching students and host families, students can spend one trimester, two trimesters or an entire school year studying at Lycée Louis Pasteur.

Students are placed with an English-speaking host family allowing them to improve English language skills while experiencing Canadian culture firsthand.

First Day of School:

September 1, 2020

Fall Break:

October 26 to October 30, 2020

End of Year Break:

December 18 to January 1, 2021

Winter Break:

February 22 to Feb 26, 2021

Spring Break:

April 19 to April 30, 2021

Last Day of School:

June 24, 2021