The Lycée Advantage

What Makes Us Different
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Bilingual Benefits

A bilingual education is one of the most valuable gifts you can give a child. Bilingual demand has grown in the last 5 years with more than 630,000 jobs targeted to bilingual speakers in 2015.

The decisions you make during their childhood impact their future.

Decisions related to their education are no exception. The younger the child, the greater their ability to learn a second language and additional languages thereafter.


Bilingualism changes the architecture of the brain allowing better recall and decision-making


Bilingual students have greater reasoning and problem-solving abilities. They also demonstrate superior focus and are better able to tune out distractions

Wider Access

French is one of the only languages to be spoken on five continents and by more than 220 million people worldwide


A bilingual education will enable your child to have a better understanding of their own and other cultures

Our Unique International Advantage

We are the only school in Calgary to teach the French Ministry of Education and Alberta Education curricula, giving students the best of both worlds.

This year, the Lycée is home to families from 34 nationalities and all linguistic backgrounds. If your family does not speak French at home you are not alone! 77% of Lycée families do not speak French at home.

Lycée students are educated in a truly multicultural and multilingual environment, positioning them to become responsible citizens and leaders in a global community.

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Combined Curriculum

Different from French immersion school or a Francophone school where the curriculum is only the Alberta Education curriculum translated to the French language.

Native Speakers

The French curriculum is taught in French by French-native speakers. The Alberta curriculum is taught in English by English-native speakers.

Network Access

When you enroll your child at the Lycée, you join a network of over 500 schools in 137 countries, making studying abroad more accessible than ever.

Accredited Teachers

This school year, 96% of the teachers delivering the French curriculum have received their teaching credentials from the French Ministry of Education.

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Our Teaching Approach

Our approach emphasizes academic performance while also fostering a love of learning and life-long curiosity.

Small class sizes ensure individualized attention for students and enhanced communication between parents and teacher.

We offer a blended approach to teaching that is unique in Calgary, and proven across 137 countries.

European-Canadian Style

We use traditional European and progressive Canadian teaching styles. Students benefit from the best each approach has to offer

Responsible Citizen

Classes and activities emphasize academic excellence, physical, intellectual, and emotional balance

Educational Softwares

Homework assignments and class activities are uploaded to educational software including video audio and homework files for parents - available on any device connected to the internet

Brevet & Baccalauréat Prep

Lycée students are prepared for the Brevet (Grade 9), a diploma awarded by the French Ministry of Education, and the Baccalauréat (Grade 12), a diploma recognized for university entrance throughout the world

Provincial & Diploma Exams

We also prepare students to take the Alberta Provincial Achievement Test (Grade 6 and 9) and high school diploma exams. Lycée students are prepared to succeed in varied testing methodologies

Examination Prepping

Exam prep includes multiple choice testing, the method employed by Alberta Education during Alberta Provincial Achievement Tests and by most North American post-secondary institutions, and essay-type questions, the method employed by the French Ministry of Education. Students benefit from the best each approach has to offer

What’s a Lycée?

A Lycée (pronounced lee-seh) is a type of school that teaches the French Ministry of Education.

In France, a lycée is the second and last stage of secondary education in the French education system.

When you enroll your child in a Lycée, you join a network of over 500 schools in 137 countries.

In Canada, there are eight Lycées. Lycée Louis Pasteur is the only school in Calgary to be a member of this prestigious network. You can find out about some of the other Lycée’s here.

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