A culture of giving: An investment in our children’s future

Why Donate

Lycée international de Calgary, like most not-for-profit independent schools, relies on charitable gifts to support its ongoing operations and priorities.

Through a variety of distinct but equally important channels, the school raises the funds required to maintain its position as a leading global educational institution.

Donations strengthen our community and allow us to further enhance our students’ learning experience by investing in new technology or sports equipment, for example. We are also able to provide our students with unique and diverse cultural experiences, which are essential to a well-rounded education.

Individual and Corporate Donations

Inspiring future generations is no small task. It requires a consistent vision and a variety of resources.

We encourage you to join the many donors who see their gifts to Lycée Calgary as ‘giving back’ – an opportunity to express gratitude for the ways in which the Lycée has prepared them, or their children or grandchildren, to be responsible citizens and leaders in a global community.

Donations make a world of difference to your child, grandchild and future generations of Lycée Calgary students. We thank you for any and all support!

Fundraising Events

Like many charitable groups across the province, we fundraise through charitable gaming activities in accordance with Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission laws. Funds raised at these events go towards capital projects that are set each year, such as our 36-foot indoor climbing wall, as well as the freshly renovated library and art room.

A culture of giving: An investment in our children’s future