Established in 1966, Lycée Louis Pasteur is celebrating 50 years of excellence!

Our Story

Established in 1966, Lycée Louis Pasteur is celebrating 50 years of excellence!

Originally reserved for children of expatriate French nationals, the school's reputation for quality academic schooling spread and in 1982, the school was open to families from all nationalities and all linguistic backgrounds. 

In 2000, the school was moved to its current location in the residential neighborhood of Garrison Woods.


To provide challenging and stimulating bilingual education within a multicultural and multidisciplinary environment.


Education for Participation in the Global Community


At the Lycée Louis Pasteur we value:

  • The integration of the curricula and learning philosophies of Alberta and France
  • Culturally diverse student and educator school population
  • Sustainable academic excellence
  • Student achievement fostered through independent and supportive learning
  • Curriculum embedded art, music and physical education
  • Community awareness and responsibility