Our unique value proposition

We are the only school in Calgary to teach the French Ministry of Education and Alberta Education curricula.


Our story

Established in 1966, Lycée Louis Pasteur is celebrating 50 years of excellence.


Originally reserved for children of expatriate French nationals, the school’s reputation for quality academic schooling spread and in 1982, the school was open to families from all nationalities and linguistic backgrounds.


A truly multicultural environment

This year, the Lycée is home to families from 34 nationalities.


Lycée students are educated in a truly multicultural and multilingual environment preparing them to become responsible citizens and leaders in a global community.


A different kind of French school

We are not a French immersion school or a Francophone school. 


These schools teach the Alberta Education curriculum in French. Lycée Louis Pasteur teaches the French Ministry of Education and Alberta Education curricula. We are the only school in Calgary to offer programming of this nature.


Why teach a French curriculum?

By teaching the French Ministry of Education and Alberta Education curricula, students get the best of both worlds.


They receive a stellar French education augmented by important Canadian content. Graduates have a deep understanding of both the European culture in which they are educated and  the Canadian culture into which they are integrated.



Native speakers

The French curriculum is taught in French by French speakers.


This school year, 96% of the teachers delivering the French curriculum have received their teaching credentials from the French Ministry of Education.


The Alberta curriculum is taught in English by English speakers.


A prestigious network of schools

When you enroll your child at the Lycée, you join a network of 495 schools in 137 countries.

We are the only school in Calgary to be a member of this prestigious network.


Students can move from one establishment to another, allowing families to relocate or students to spend a trimester or a year abroad. To learn more visit the Agency for French Education Abroad's website.


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