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Our approach emphasizes academic performance while
also fostering a love of learning and life-long curiosity.

We offer a blended approach to teaching that is
unique in Calgary.

We use traditional European and progressive Canadian teaching styles. Students benefit from the best each approach has to offer.


Classes and activities emphasize
academic excellence, physical,
intellectual and emotional balance
and responsible citizenship.


Lycée students are prepared for the Brevet (Grade
9), a diploma awarded by the French Ministry of
Education, and the Baccalauréat (Grade 12), a
diploma recognized for university entrance
throughout the world.

We also prepare students to take the Alberta Provincial Achievement Test (Grade 6 and 9) and high school diploma exams.

Lycée students are prepared to succeed in varied
testing methodologies.

These include multiple choice testing, the method employed by Alberta Education during Alberta Provincial Achievement Tests and by most North American post-secondary institutions, and essay-type questions, the method employed by the French Ministry of Education, 

Students benefit from the best each approach has to offer.