Hot Lunch Program

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We offer a hot and nutritious lunch service!
Make your morning rush easier!

Hot Lunch Program

Lycée Louis Pasteur offers a nutritious hot lunch program for parents on the go!

Available to ALL students, these tasty meals are prepared by a professional chef who emphasizes fresh, locally sourced, healthy foods.

Meals are served daily and include:

  • Two hot entrées (including a vegetarian option)
  • Two sides (one starch, one vegetable)
  • A fresh salad and/or vegetable crudités
  • A choice of water or carton of milk
  • A small dessert

The Hot Lunch Program supports the Lycée’s objective to provide a healthy and stimulating environment in which to learn. You won’t find vending machines filled with junk food at the Lycée. Pop, sweets and fast food are not available for purchase.

Registration can be made for the entire year or prior to the start of each trimester. More information about the Hot Lunch Program, including cost, is available upon request at

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