A precious gift

A bilingual education is one of the most precious gifts you can give your child.


Decisions impact their future

The decisions you make during their childhood impact their future.


Decisions related to their education are no exception.


The younger the child, the greater their ability to learn a second language and additional languages thereafter.


Bilingualism and the brain

Bilingualism changes the architecture of the brain.


Bilingual students have greater reasoning and problem-solving abilities. They also demonstrate superior focus and are better able to tune out distractions.


Join 200 million French speakers

French is one of the only 
languages to be spoken
on five continents.


By learning French, your child will join a group of more than 220 million French speakers worldwide.


A bilingual education will enable your child to have a better understanding of their own and other cultures. It can also lead to enriched travel experience and a greater number of career options.


A passport to the world

That's why we believe that Lycée Louis Pasteur is more than a school... It's a passport to the world!


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