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Lycée Head of School and student

About our Head of School

Lycée Louis Pasteur is led by the Head of School, Jocelyne Edwards, an ex-officio member of the board of directors.

Ms. Edwards has lived and worked in Germany and Switzerland as well as her native France. She brings a wealth of administrative and teaching experience to Lycée Louis Pasteur. Her credentials include a Bachelor's Degree in German from the University of Strasbourg and the PLP2 (a teaching qualification) in French and German, accompanied by more than a decade of practical teaching experience.

Ms. Edwards has held senior management roles in the French education system since 2009 when she passed the Concours de Personnel de Direction, a rigorous French government competitive process. She strongly supports the multilingual objectives of the Lycée and as a mother of four is sensitive to the needs of parents.

Board of Directors

Lycée Louis Pasteur Society is a non-profit organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Elected during the Annual General Meeting, the Board sets the strategic direction for the school and supports the Head of School and staff in maintaining the high standards of excellence at Lycée Louis Pasteur.

List of current directors:

  • Phillip Mincher - President
  • Heather Carnahan - Past President
  • Benoît Lafay - Vice-President
  • David Lefebvre - Secretary
  • Jennifer Pound - Treasurer and Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee
  • Claudia Aguirre - Chair of Communications and Marketing Committee
  • Heather Coleman - Director
  • Ryan Hoult - Director
  • Anusha Kassan - Director
  • Charlotte Plombin - Director

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Colourful student artwork

Colourful crayons

School Council

The Head of School presides over School Council. It is comprised of members from all stakeholder groups including: staff, administration, parents and students.

School Council meets a minimum of three times during the school year to discuss pedagogy and everyday school issues.